Fields of Peace - Promise Synopsis

Each morning when I walk my dog, I stop at a spot overlooking the ocean and I say out loud the words of a Promise.  It begins,


I will not be a part of the killing

of any child…


Overheard, these words may seem strange.  But they are my response to learning that in WWI there were 9 combatant deaths for each civilian death.  In WWII, those numbers were 1 to 1.  In today’s wars, for every 1 combatant death there are 9 civilian deaths!

This is hard news.  And it gets worse – the majority of these civilians are children.  War has become the killing of children!  This is why I say A Promise to Our Children:


I will not be a part of the killing

of any child

no matter how lofty the reason.

Not my neighbor’s child.  Not my child.

Not the enemy’s child.

Not by bomb.  Not by bullet.

Not by looking the other way.

I will be the power that is peace.


Spoken out loud, these words have a way of traveling out, taking form, and becoming the change our world needs.  They also travel in.  Through repetition of this Promise, I learn that I can speak out against war – serial wars, perpetual wars.  I can practice peaceful solutions to conflict and study the successful history of nonviolent resolution.  I can choose a nonviolent avocation and encourage my children to do the same.  I can insist that my tax dollars go to feed and house the desperate.  I can follow spiritual leaders whose message is peace.  


Through repetition of this Promise, I learn that the place love goes deepest…the love we each have for a child, is the meeting place.  And, I come to the realization that only when your child is safe will my child be safe!!


I hope you will join me in saying and living out A Promise to Our Children.  The words are simple.  They are also familiar.  Our hearts have been saying them all along.


I will not be part of any killing

of any child...




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